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Picture Fun: Water Wigs


Entertainment for Truckers Water Wigs
Photo by Tim Tadder.

Whew – it was a crazy week full of business and promotion at the 2012 Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. We’re pooped. We’re also kind of sick of creating more content solely based around the industry of truck driving. So we thought we would have a little fun today as a follow up to GATS.

A professional photographer wondered what it would look like if he cracked some water balloons over the heads of bald men using ultra-high speed cameras. What he got was a pretty hilarious result.

The results were photos of men with seemingly new heads of of water hair! They used a laser and sound trigger to capture the right moments for each subject to create just the right head of hair that fit best with their reaction faces.

The photographer said that his favorites are “The Don King,” “The Conquistador,” “The Jesus” and “The Friar.”

All images were conceived, executed and photographed by Tim Tadder.




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