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Planning To Drop Some Pounds This Year? Weigh Our Your Options.


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Weight loss is among one of the most common of all New Year’s Resolutions – it also happens to be one of the most commonly broken ones. Here are a few tips and resources to help drop the pounds and keep them off.

Some of the biggest problems when it comes to sticking to a weightless plan are fad diets that end up being difficult to stick to, less effective than promised, or both. According to The Mayo Clinic – when it comes down to it, weightless is a matter of consuming less calories than you take in.

The Mayo Clinic also suggests that you strongly consider the requirements of any diet plan that you’re considering. You’ll want to be sure that the plan you choose meets all of the following guidelines.

  • Does the plan include foods from each of the major food groups? 
  • Are the foods the plan suggests something that you enjoy eating, and could continue to enjoy eating for more than just a few months?
  • Are the foods suggested by your diet plan easily accessible while you’re on the road?
  • Will you have to ability to continue eating the foods that you like?
  • Is this plan something that fits into your busy lifestyle as a driver?
  • Does it provide you with the proper amounts of nutrition or calories to keep you healthy while you’re losing the weight?
  • Does it require you to be physically active on a regular basis?

If the answer isn’t “yes” to each and every one of these questions, you’ll need to continue your search for a diet plan that’s actually going to work for you – and not against you.

According to U.S. News Health the top 10 Best Weight Loss Diets are as follows:

#1. Weight Watchers Diet: This diet is based on a point-counting system.

#2. Biggest Loser Diet: This diet involves a regular exercise routine as well as a healthy food intake.

#3. Jenny Craig Diet: This diet involves one-on-one counseling and a support group and could possibly be considered more effective due to the fact that there’s more accountability involved.

#4. Raw Food Diet: This diet includes only the intake of solely raw foods which typically contain less calories. This may be one of the more difficult ones to adhere to simply due to the fact that it is so labor intensive.

#5. Volumetrics Diet: This diet requires that you consume foods that have less calories per gram, this way you don’t actually necessarily end up eating less food.

#6. Atkins Diet: This diet is a low-carb program.

#7. Slim-Fast Diet: This diet includes meal replacement as well as portion control.

#8. The Vegan Diet: This diet eliminates animal products, and can be categorized as meat and dairy free.

#9. DASH Diet: This is a balanced diet program.

#10. Eco-Atkins Diet: This is a low-carb diet program.

Regardless of the plan that you choose for yourself, the key to weight loss is determination and setting achievable goals for yourself. Good luck – we know you can do it!


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