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Premiere Video for Marvel’s “Iron Man 3”


Iron Man 3 Trailer News
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We’re die hard action film fans at CDL Life. We love truck driver movies, but we also love a good car chase or a shoot em up, just like any red-blooded American does. Usually super hero films just don’t make the cut, however.

Don’t get us wrong – the newer super hero fascination courtesy of Hollywood is being given a serious effort. There’s more to see of our heroes, deeper backstories, kuhRAYzee special effects to put it all on the big screen, heck, even better actors doing their best with the material. Yet many of the superhero films just seem shallow and shiny.

Not so with the Iron Man franchise. Marvel gave Iron Man some real grit and depth when they signed on Robert Downey Jr. to the role of Tony Stark. He plays the conflicted genius as a self-centered womanizer with a heart of bullet-proof gold. Which is fine for drama, but never enough for action films. So it was a real relief to see that the first and second Iron Man pictures had plenty of action to go around that seemed new and heavy, pleasing old and new fans alike.

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What do we know about the new Iron Man movie so far?

  • We know that Iron Man is up against Mandril.
  • We know that Pepper Potts gets kidnapped.
  • We know Tony loses basically all the Iron Man suits and has to create completely new ones from the ground up (again).
  • The movie picks up just a few weeks after the Avengers movie ends.
  • The new suit of armor is now directly interfacing with Tony’s brain and not just through software and his AI program.

Other than that, details are mostly cloudy. The movie doesn’t actually hit theaters until April 26, 2013.

So let’s not waste any more time – here’s the Iron Man 3 trailer that dropped to iTunes today. Enjoy!

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/5EjG-1U3wqA” playlist=”Iron Man 3 HD” title=”Truck%20Driver%20Entertainment%20Action%20Films” width=”460″ height=”330″]


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The newest Iron Man armor from Iron Man 3.

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