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Rand McNally Unveils Newest TruckPC Model


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Rand McNally today unveiled a striking new hardware design and upgrades for its top-end mobile communication fleet management system, cutting the system’s price to just under $1,200 and significantly reducing the size of the mounted box.

The new box, measuring one-third the size of the prior generation mounted device, packs the same robust computing power and Windows 7 operating system. The reduced size and high-sensitivity in-cab antenna design allows the unit to be installed in numerous locations in the front or back of the cab. The next-generation TPC 7600 unit was previewed during a customer event in Chicago.

“The goal was to create a less costly product for our customers, without losing the features,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally. “In the process, we were able to refine the design, reducing the size of the box, simplifying installation, and creating some valuable improvements.”

The TPC 7600 is the sixth major revision of the TruckPC platform. The product is a fully compliant electronic on-board recorder that tracks and manages Hours of Service, with back-end monitoring via a web portal, two-way communication with the ability to send email attachments, on-board scanning and printing, in-cab video playback plus connectivity via cellular and Wi-Fi communications. The TPC7600 also supports Satellite communications via an optional module.

Rand McNally also previewed a new Web-based portal designed to provide a single access point for fleet tracking, mapping, performance reporting and e-mail communication, as well as provides access to third-party applications. The Web portal is accessible for all customers of Rand McNally’s mobile communication fleet management solutions that are are integrated with products from TMW Systems, McLeod Software and other transportation management systems.

“With durability in mind, we designed the TPC7600 to survive in a truck for years. A truck is high vibration environment with temperate extremes ranging from -30 to +60 Celsius. We built this system to stand the test of time and provide a long-term ROI to our customers” said Mason Meadows, Director of Product Development at Rand McNally.

The new TPC 7600 sells for just under $1,200 “with the antennas, cable and display mount components included. The smaller box is not only simpler to install, but also more cost-effective.

The TPC 7600, which comes with a three-year warranty, will be available to truck drivers in August.

Note: all prices are USD, taxes and monthly service fees not included.

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