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Reader Rig Review Truck Gallery #5: June 2012


Truck Driver Rig Pictures 2012It’s that time again, truck drivers! Our Reader Rig Reviews from the past remain one of our most popular features, because let’s face it – our truckers go to some interesting places and are pretty handy with the camera.

This time we have over 50 new shots of truck driver rigs sent in from all over North America, and even some good ones from Australia. We know you’ll love them.

What is the Truck Driver Reader Rig Review Photo Series?

We began this back in 2011. We knew that a lot of truck drivers had great phones with capable cameras that could take great pictures. After we figured out that we had truck driver fans from all over North America, it just seemed like a no-brainer to ask for pics from the road. Once we did, it was amazing. Truckers everywhere turned in pics of their trucks on the road, parked in lots, at landmarks, and much more.

Previous Truck Driver Reader Rig Photo Reviews:

This week, we’re making certain that everyone who wants to participate in the truck driver rig picture submission process is able to. We have a Facebook Photo Upload Tutorial online just in case you’re not sure you can upload easily. Hey, who can’t benefit from a Facebook photo tutorial? Just watch, then make sure your truck driver photos are done right.

Enjoy the truck driver rig photo set we collected. There will definitely be another one next month, so stay tuned truckers!


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