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Repeated GPS Error Leads Drivers Through Narrow Neighborhood


GPS Error Leads Drivers Astray If you’re you’re heading to Beachwood Road, in Dundalk, Maryland but accidentally enter Beechwood Road into your GPS, you might be in for a tight and expensive squeeze.

According to the Baltimore Sun, residents of the tiny Idlewylde neighborhood have grown accustomed to trucks attempting to make their way through the narrow roads, only to get stuck.

“Residents say global positioning systems — perhaps combined with typing errors — have resulted in confusion between Beechwood Road in Towson and Beachwood Road in Dundalk, and on several occasions have sent truckers to the small Idlewylde enclave instead,” the Baltimore Sun reported

One resident told the Sun that she’s witnessed three stuck trucks in 13 months, so she decided to take action and reached out to her community leaders for help.

Idlewylde Community Association President Tom Lattanzi has been working with Fifth District County Councilman David Marks on possible solutions.

Marks believes the errant drivers are often heading to Universal Trade Solutions warehouse, on Beachwood.

“Marks said the county public works officials have agreed to rename the 4000 block of Beachwood Road in Dundalk as Universal Trade Drive in hopes of alleviating the confusion. In addition, the county will place signs noting the prohibition of tractor trailers at the corner of Beechwood Road and Overbrook Road, as well as on St. Albans Road and Overbrook Road in Idlewylde,” the Baltimore Sun reported.

To read more about this and the damage caused by misguided trucks, follow this link.




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