Firearm Laws

We know how dangerous it can be out on the road, and many of you have said you carry a gun for protection– understandably so.  Find out which states will honor your permits and which will not. An Ohio truck driver was recently arrested in New York for admitting he was carrying an unloaded gun.  The truck driver told New York authorities he had a gun permits for Ohio and Pennsylvania. New York does not honor his permits. Initially, the truck driver was arrested and charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, but Town Justice John W. Hallett, who reduced the charges to disorderly conduct. The driver pleaded guilty and was fined $125. Below is a map of states that have laws regarding conceal and carry permits: Truck Driver Gun Laws

Information taken from US

There is no law that prohibits drivers from having guns in their trucks, however, guns are not allowed on most U.S. military bases and some carriers prohibit guns.   

Shall Issue: States that are Shall Issue will issue any private citizen a concealed weapons permitas long as they meet all requirements. May Issue: States that are May Issue have the authority to take judgment on whether or not they want to issue a concealed weapons permit to a private citizen even after they have met all requirements. Right Denied: States that are Right Denied DO NOT allows private citizens to carry handguns and do not issue concealed weapon permits.

IMPORTANT: Go to the US Carry website by clicking on this link and selecting the tab “States that Honor My Permit” The site offers an interactive map.  Simply click on your home state, and the map will change colors to reflect that states that honor your permit.  The states that do no will turn red. 

For example, I’m from Missouri, so I selected Missouri as my home state, and the map changed colors.  The states in blue are states that honor my conceal and carry permit, the red states will not.

Map of States That Honor Missouri Gun Permits