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Ride and Roll Group Helps Truckers Keep Fit


Truck Driver Bikes for HealthWe’ve written before about how biking is fast-becoming one of the favorite ways for truck drivers to keep fit during off hours. The trucking industry is under siege from heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and high blood pressure.

If you spend the day driving but don’t make time to let your body relieve stress and burn calories, these conditions could end your driving career quickly.

Why try biking for fitness during off hours? Five reasons:

  • A good bike can be inexpensive
  • Bikes can fit in a few places on or in a truck
  • It’s a low impact exercise that won’t hurt your legs and joints
  • You don’t need very much space to get a good workout (but it’s nice if you can find it)
  • Just a few minutes a day can help ease hypertension and regulate blood pressure

Here’s CDL Life’s Biking Buyer’s Guide. It features some folding bikes that can tuck away into small corners of the truck cab until you’re ready to ride.

Bass Pro Clearance

So what is Ride and Roll?

It’s a database of locations to safely park your tractor trailer and enjoy a bike ride.  Locations either  feature very close access to a trail or nearby attractions to ride to on roads. It’s created by other truck drivers who want to help others get fit naturally, while also being safe.

Some areas are rural, some busy and urban,  and plenty in-between.  Some locations to park are well known truck stops, others are lesser known locations.  None of the locations are knowingly illegal or dangerous.

The main map shows the main location of a place to park and ride.  When you click on a location it will open a more detailed map.

You can get a look at the national Google map guide from Ride & Roll here, and you can join their Facebook group here.

Remember – it’s a guide created by truckers for truckers. If you don’t see a Ride and Roll stop near your route, investigate further and send them what you find. Good luck and good health, truckers!




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