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Road Rage Leads To Overturned Truck


A Meijer truck driver says his truck crashed an overturned because he had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting a black Chevrolet Impala that had just cut him off.

The crash happened at 4:08 a.m., on Thursday, September 6, on Interstate 96, just before the Interstate 696 exit.

“Just prior to the truck losing control and turning over, there was a little bit of a road rage incident between the truck and what is believed to be a Chevy Impala in Novi,” Michigan State Police Sgt. James Grady told the Detroit Free Press. “It sounds like the driver of the passenger vehicle was upset that the truck was utilizing the left lane of traffic. It sounds like it cut it off, the driver of the semi-truck to avoid the collision ended up locking its brakes up and lost control of the truck.”

According to the news report, the truck driver suffered minor injuries and was transported to the hospital.

Sgt. Grady told the Detroit Free Press that, if found, the driver of the Impala could be charged with reckless driving.

If you were traveling in the area around the time of the accident or witnessed the accident, state police are urging you to call them at 248-584-5740.

Drivers, do you think a dashcam could have helped this driver prove his account of the incident?


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