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Rock Charts: High On Fire “Fertile Green”


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We’re not sure how HEAVY truckers like their heavy metal, but we’ll just go ahead and assume that sometimes AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Metallica just might not do the trick after a long day on the road dodging 4 wheelers making bad decisions. Sometimes the trucker’s aggression requires a few more decibels of sound to quiet the driving demons. We don’t blame you.

High On Fire has been pushing the volume envelope of acceptable levels of metal intensity for years as a California Trio that culls influences from 70s metal, 80s solo showmanship and 90s production punch as they create something that drives a new heavy sound bordering on audio insanity.

Lead guitarist/singer Matt Pike creates his crushing assault through a stable of classic high watt amps and a unique 9-string electric guitar made by First Act. It’s a sound that references heavy metal from the 70s, a bit of post-punk roar and a whole lot of aggression.

If anything, this full court press of metal mayhem will get you through the last 30 miles of your driving duties on a high note. Let us know if this is down your alley, truckers!

Click on the pic and have a listen!


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