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Rock Charts: Soundgarden “Live To Rise”


Truck Driver Music SoundgardenSoundgarden made a massive splash on the alternative music scene in the early 90s. They were part of the big upswing of the “Seattle Sound” that reinvigorated the airwaves after spandex-clad hard-rockers began losing their grip on America’s teens. Tastes started to become a bit more sophisticated in the college and high school halls.

Once Nirvana broke big with their mesh of punk anthems paired to Beatles pop styles, record companies scoured the Northwestern city for anything similar, and even some not so similar in an attempt to cash in on the frenzy.

Soundgarden, along with other early standouts Alice In Chains, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, and Pearl Jam built a solid stable of radio-friendly heavy rock standards that sold millions. Compared to other bands riding the wave of success, Soundgarden’s style was a lot more in line with mystical 70s arena rock like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin due to singer Chris Cornell’s habit of wailing vocal lines over guitarist Kim Thayill’s Middle-eastern tinged solos. It was a huge hit with fans who grew up on classic rock stylings, but who wanted to participate in this expanding new school of experimental sounds.

In this video, you get a taste of the softer side of the band. It may have to do with their older sensibilities or it may be just what the producers from Marvel’s: The Avengers were asking for. Either way, the song gets up and running by the end, along with some of the action scenes from the big cinemaplex hit of the summer. Enjoy, truck drivers!

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/D3ZNtOcY_1A” playlist=”Soundgarden Live to Rise Avengers Soundtrack” title=”Soundgarden%20Hard%20Rock%20for%20Truck%20Drivers” width=”450″ height=”278″]


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