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Adam Lanza, NOT Ryan Lanza The Shooter at Sandy Hook


UPDATE: Fox News is saying Ryan Lanza is NOT the shooter, his brother Adam Lanza, 20, is the shooter and may have been carrying his brother’s identification.

Update: Facebook has removed Ryan Lanza’s Facebook page (1:59 CT)

The news has released a name in connection with the tragic school shooting in Newtown, CT: Ryan Lanza.  A brief Facebook search brings up this profile of Ryan Lanza, with thousands of photo shares racking up from others searching him out on social networks. Latest reports indicate Lanza may have targeted the school’s principal and perhaps even his own mother who teaches at the school. At this time his motive is unknown.

Update: Fox News is reporting that Lanza’s father Peter has been found dead in his home.  Lanza’s mother Nancy is presumed to be dead, as well.  (2:03 pm CST)

Update: CNN has reported that Lanza’s brother has also been found dead in a New Jersey home.

Update: The AP is reporting that Lanza’s younger brother is being head by police for questioning as a possible accomplice.  They’re also reporting Lanza’s girlfriend and a close friend are missing.  (2:46 pm CST)




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