2012 Truck Driver Shortage

An update to the article we posted last week.  Yesterday, the Senate passed the $109 billion Transportation Bill.  “This bill still has a long way to go before it gets to the presidents desk, and OOIDA will continue to fight against costly and unnecessary mandates,” said Todd Spence, OOIDA executive vice president.

The bill will allow funds for more truck parking, reforming freight brokerage rules, studying heavy-duty truck cab worthiness, as well as provide funds to repair roads and highways.

The Senate also voted in favor of an amendment that prevent U.S. highway tax dollars from being diverted for privatized highways and will resist efforts by many to expand the ability of states to add new tolls.

Some experts believe the bill may help create more than 3 million new jobs. “This is good news for small-business truckers and all highway users,” said Spencer.

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