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Streaming Video for Truckers: New Arrivals


The Netflix video streaming app for Android and iOS is a very popular mobile video solution for truckers on the road. If you’re able to hook up your smartphone, laptop or set top box to WiFi, your entertainment options are broad and cheap.

If you don’t have a good WiFI video streaming solution hooked up in your semi truck, we have some links set up for some good deals on DVDs at Amazon you can order. So, what’s new and popular in the video queue? Have a look.

Coen Brothers True Grit 2010
Buy “True Grit” at Amazon

True Grit – 2010

This is a remake of the classic western that originally starred John Wayne as the one-eyed bonded U.S. Marshall Rooster Cogburn. In this Oscar nominated version, Jeff Bridges playes the cycloptic dead eye hired by the young Mattie Ross for an adventure tuned for revenge. Here’s the link to the Netflix streaming video. Click the picture to the left to order the DVD from Amazon.



Horror Comedy Tucker Dale DVD
Buy “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” at Amazon

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil – 2011

Horror comedies are rare at the box office. Truly funny horror comedies are even rarer. This one makes the grade. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil turns a horror genre convention (the killer hillbilly preying on innocents in the woods) on its ear to hilarious effect. Tucker and Dale are two redneck buddies that just want a quiet weekend to themselves to fix up their newly purchased cabin. Some jerk-off kids who can’t keep from killing themselves while on a booze-fueled weekend keep causing the pair trouble with the local law with their bloody remains laying all over the place. Will they ever get some peace and quiet? Stream Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil from Netflix here.


Buy Louis C. K. Hilarious
Buy “Hilarious” at Amazon here.

Louis C.K. : Hilarious – 2011

Louis C.K. is a stand up comedian who revived one of the old movie genres made famous in the 70s and 80s that did so much good for talents like Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and George Carlin – the stand up set presented in movie format. Last year Louis released Hilarious in selected theaters so people could get a taste of his amazing talents on the big silver, rather than at home on TV. It was a smashing success.

He got his start in the business as a comedy writer for Conan O’Brian, and now has his own hit TV series “Louie” on the FX network. Offended easily? Don’t watch. Trust us. Here’s the link to stream the stand up concert on Netflix.

Skyline DVD 2010
Buy “Skyline” from Amazon here.

Skyline – 2010

There’s an alien invasion going on all over the world, but this sci-fi thriller examines what happens when different people with questionable motivations are cooped up inside a high-rise apartment. How do they escape? Will there be help once they leave the building? Are humans even winning? Everything in the movie is shot from the perspective of regular joes who don’t know where to go, who to trust and if there’s even a war going on or merely a slaughter of the human race happening just outside the door. Find out what happens from this Netflix stream here.



Winter's Bone Oscar Nominated Best Picture
Buy “Winter’s Bone” at Amazon.com

Winter’s Bone – 2010

Winter’s Bone is a drama set deep in the Ozarks, following resilient teen Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence) as she goes on the trail of her missing, drug-dealing father when his absence jeopardizes the family’s safety. Her deadbeat dad has a key court date pending, and Ree is determined that he show up — despite the objections of the insular Dolly clan.

This gritty drama earned Oscar nods for Lawrence in the Best Actress category, and also for Best Picture. Here’s the Netflix streaming video link.



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