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Summer 2012 New Arrivals at Netflix Streaming


Coming to Netflix Mid-summer 2012We’re not completely sure, but this may be one of the hottest and driest summers ever on record. The Midwest and South are under crushing triple digit temperatures several days a month. There’s no relief in sight. What better place to be than in a cool air conditioned cab or truck stop lounge checking out movies? No better place (aside from home, of course).

So we keep an eye out for truck drivers who might be a bit behind on new films and TV shows that might merit some attention. Some are great for family time, others uhhh – not so much. But again, all of them are queued up in the Netflix Streaming Service for mid-summer 2012.

If you haven’t yet looked into a free month long trial of Netflix Streaming, you can do so here.

Let’s get to it, truck drivers!

Season 4 DVD of Breaking Bad
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Breaking Bad – Season 4

Bryan Cranston got his start as a comic actor in hit shows like Malcom in the Middle and Seinfeld. But when he signed on to AMC’s flagship production, no one could predict how many awards he and his show creators would sweep through at the Emmys. People are talking about this show a lot, and it’s easy to see why. Cranston’s Walter White is one of the most morally complex characters ever created for the small screen. You never know if he’s doing bad to help his family, playing good to steer clear of danger or just flying by the seat of his pants. One thing’s for sure – you should give this show a look.

It’s an uncomfortably close look at the suburban methamphetamine market, filled with heroes and monsters, calm and chaos. Have a look at the preview video for Breaking Bad Season 5 right here.


Widescreen DVD Transformers Dark Moon
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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

As they say – “Go big, or go home.” It’s hard to imagine how big director Michael Bay truly wanted to go with this saga involving giant, death-dealing robots attempting to save the earth, but we heard there’s even another episode on the way.

After critics almost universally panned the first two installments for being loud, confusing and terribly acted messes, Bay decided to seek help with the writing duties and concentrate more on the action pieces. Did we say “pieces?” We meant “pandemics” because there is simply non-stop, world-wide action explodey destruction in this one, yet it remains coherent enough for adults to stay interested. Which is good, since Tran3 may be the best example of a purely 3D filmed action piece yet. The bot parts crumble and pop right out of the screen into your face until the climactic ending.

Would you rather just see for yourself and check the official trailer? No prob.


Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

Arthur Penn’s legendary crime saga put screen legends Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway on the map. It also upped the level of bloody violence in American cinema that left moviegoers in 1967 shocked at what they had just seen. Today it seems quite normal, but it still has its charms.

Bonnie and Clyde also stars a younger Gene Hackman who is his usual scene-chewing self and a whole lot of gatling guns to boot. Check the trailer here.


God Bless America on DVD
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God Bless America

Disgusted with American society, middle-aged Frank learns he has a limited time to live, so decides to do and say everything he was afraid to do before. Not exactly The Bucket List, Frank and teenage Roxy begin killing reality TV stars, bigots and others they find repugnant. The bullets and opinions fly fast and furious here in this pitch black comedy starring Mad Men’s Joel Murray and newcomer Tara Lynn Barr.

If you think you’re game for some blunt and bloody fun, check out the trailer here.



White Collar widescreen DVD Season 3
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White Collar – Season 3

Con man Neal Caffrey (Matthew Bomer) is one of the best in the business. He’s a world class art thief and master currency forger. FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) captures him and offers him a deal. To avoid jail, Neal signs on to help Peter catch other white-collar thieves but conceals an ulterior motive. Aided by squirrely pal Mozzie (Willie Garson), Neal searches for other con men, organized crime bosses and even his missing girlfriend while using high-tech gadgets and old-fashioned charm to nab bad guys.

Need a quick recap to catch up on this smart and charming buddy series? Watch the Season 4 preview that gives you a bit of the back story.


What movies and TV shows are you looking forward to seeing, truck drivers? Let us know and we’ll see if we can find some links and other secrets about them!


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