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Sweet Hijacking


If someone tries to sell you any gum, candy or breath mints from a dark alley this week, turn around and walk away. It was likely stolen from a trucker! In depressing news this week, an entire semi truck payload full of Wrigley candy products was hijacked from their Lansing factory by a mystery man. How much candy? More than $35,000 dollars worth.

Police said a driver who was assigned to pick up a load in Lansing and transport it to Texas. When the driver missed his delivery schedule and wasn’t responding to calls, the police got involved.

The shipment was supposed to be delivered to Texas by Dec. 22 but had not arrived, Assistant Police Chief Steve Lucchesi said. When the company contacted the driver to learn his location, he gave vague and evasive answers.

A Kennedy Trucking employee allegedly spotted the driver and his trailer Dec. 30 at a warehouse in Lansing.

The company notified Romeoville police, but the suspect left before Lansing police were alerted.

Police have not been able to identify the driver.

Even though there was no candy shipment that day, fortunately Texas is sweet enough as it is.


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