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Tailgater: Budget Satellite TV For Truck Drivers


In the days of streaming video, laptop computers, portable DVD players and Redbox kiosks, down time entertainment options for truck drivers are varied like never before. Which one is best for you? Many truck drivers choose the option of satellite TV for their over the road schedules. The problem is, there aren’t many options and the ones that exist are pretty expensive when you factor in monthly subscription fees. This is what makes Tailgater by DISH Network a bit different.

Tailgater is a 100% portable satellite TV module. It was built with truck drivers in mind. It’s also a great option for company drivers who aren’t allowed to alter the semi truck they drive. Tailgater mounts semi-secure on nearly any truck window, and can be easily stored in the sleeper area when not in use. It also doesn’t come with any subscription contract. It’s a pay as you go satellite TV system.

How does Tailgater work?

We have to say, DISH Network designed this to be as simple as possible.It’s nearly point & click easy.  When you’re parked and have mounted the unit on your truck window or the optional cab plate, you use your remote control, click on the state you’re in, and the Tailgater does the rest. It locks onto a strong satellite signal in just a few minutes. The Tailgater antenna automatically syncs with the satellite orbital locations for your DISH programming based on your state location, making the Tailgater Portable HDTV System of utmost ease of use with its consumer friendly interface.

Tailgater TV for Truck Drivers
Buy the complete system on sale from Amazon for $499

DISH is simple & effective for people who travel extensively:

  • No Activation Fees.
  • No Disconnect Fees.
  • No Restart Fees.
  • No Social Security Number or Credit Check Required to Activate Service.
  • No Contract.
  • Pay-As-You-Go programming.

The Tailgater is powered through the single coaxial cable that runs between the satellite antenna and the DISH ViP®211k receiver. The unit comes with a 50′ Coax Cable. Tested up to 100′. Tailgater is not a DVR but it is DVR ready; simply add an external hard drive. No monthly DVR fees like other models.

It also costs around half of what a VuCube sells for.

Check out the video below to see how Tailgater installs on a semi truck, and how you set up your TV to watch. If you can’t get it to play, visit the YouTube link here.

Art Harlow

Find out more about how you can order Tailgater service from DISH Network.


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