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TCA Approves 65 Mph Speed Limiters


The board of directors of the Truckload Carriers Association has approved a policy that supports the mandatory use of speed limiters to be set at a speed not to exceed 65 miles an hour.

The policy is another step in the organization’s ongoing stated effort to change the public image of trucking to better influence public policy favorable to the industry.

This is the right place to be. This is what is called assuming the high ground, TCA President Chris Burruss told delegates to the organization’s annual convention under way here. I know there are members who disagree with this policy and I don’t discount the reasons why. But I think this is the type of policy that presents the opportunity for our industry to increase our visibility in a positive way. It says that not only do we preach safety, but that we are going to walk the walk. As Chairman [Gary] Salisbury said [in the chairman’s address] yesterday, we have to either step up or shut up.

Read more about the TCA’s new initiative to help trucking industry representatives take a more offensive stance on chronic problems at The Trucker website.


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