We all know that high schoolers can get on their teacher’s nerves, but  what would drive a vocational teacher in Virginia to line up his class of 12 students against a wall and fire a starter gun at them?

Sixty-year-old Manuel Earnest Dillow has been charged with 12 felony counts of brandishing a fire arm on school property, as well as charges of inflicting fear with a gun for shooting blanks at his students at the William H. Neff Center, a career and technical school, in Abingdon, Virginia.

Police reports state, Dillow lined the students against a garage wall in the welding shop, he then pulled the pistol-like gun from his waistband and pointed it at the students execution-style and proceeded to fire four to ten shots at the students.

The students reported that the gun shots sounded like shots coming from a real gun.

At this time, it is unclear why Dillow was firing at the students.

Dillow faces one felony count for each student involved. Each charge carries a maximum prison sentence of five years or a $2,500 fine or both.

ABC News reports that Dillow has been suspended from the school system, without pay.



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