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Trucker Apps: Daily Driver Log Reviewed


Trucker Apps: Drivers Daily Log

At CDL Life, we’re always looking for things that can make drivers’ lives easier.  Apps for trucker can help save money and time. Keeping logs can be a pain, but a new trucker app from Daily Driver Log could help to alleviate some of that pain.

If you’re an Apple user and are looking for a driving log trucking app, Daily Driver Log may be just the application you’re looking for.

On reviewer said, “This is perfect for me. I hate doing logs. With this my logs are done in seconds. It remembers my company address truck number and puts it on the next day log. It works perfect. Haven’t messed with the printing yet. But I’ll find a way. Bluetooth would be a good option. This is cheaper then buying logs at truck stop.”

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Drivers Daily Log According to iTunes:

The Drivers Daily Log truck app is a replacement for the paper logbook used by commercial vehicle drivers. With it, you can create, sign, and maintain electronic copies of your logbook as required by federal law. It is designed to meet the latest federal requirements as defined in FMVSC §395.8 and FMVSC §390.31.

Downloading the Drivers Daily Log is free but after your first 30 pages, you will need to purchase more. Additional pages only cost a few cents each and can be purchased within the app. You can see your current page count and purchase more on the settings screen. Further updates will also come with free pages, so send us your good suggestions and we will keep the updates coming.

To comply with the law, you will still have to produce paper copies of your logs when requested by a law enforcement. This will require that you keep a working printer with you while you are driving. A list of iPhone/iPad compatible printers can be found at http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/airprint.html.

Drivers Daily Log can record your location in the background so that it can fill in the remarks with the location you were at when your duty status changed. This is not necessary if you make your logbook entries as they happen. If you choose to allow it, please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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