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Texas Plans On Trucking Windfall From Panama Canal


The Panama Canal is expanding to meet the rising needs of transcontinental shipping. Part of the expansion is due to constraints posed on shipping ports in California, but some of it is also due to a need for the Gulf states to continue their recovery from the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.

Saying the state is in a “unique position” to take advantage of the upcoming expansion of the Panama Canal, the Texas Department of Transportation is taking steps to make sure the Lone Star State is well-positioned to capitalize on this economic opportunity.

TxDOT is creating a Panama Canal Stakeholder Working Group, made up of a wide variety of entities with an interest in the expansion of the canal. It’s seeking input from them on promoting port activities in state transportation planning, on tackling highway bottlenecks such as bridges and links to terminals, and supporting rail investment, especially for exports.

Find out who is behind the Panama Canal Stakeholder Working Group and their plans for the economic upswing in Central America at Trucking Info.


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