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Tip Sheet: Improving Communications with Your Family


Originally Posted at Team Run Smart
Originally posted at Team Run Smart

Buck Black at Team Run Smart posted a simple, but thoughtful article about how you can enhance your communication time with your family while on the road. It might seem like common sense, but he brings up some good points.

And no matter who you ask, better communication is cheaper than ever these days, even for trucking families that are getting by on a single earner’s salary. There’s an affordable cell phone plan waiting for you, computers with video cameras can be had for dimes on the dollar, and WiFi connections on the road and in the neighborhood can be found for free without too much trouble.

The article also relates to some thoughts posted a couple of weeks ago at Heavy Duty Trucking, as Genevieve Conti wondered how much technology and mobile tech has changed the industry for the better. It’s a more complicated issue than just your standard Yes/No option, but she did think benefits outweighed the liabilities.

The primary takeaway from Black’s article at Team Run Smart’s site? Setting a schedule for communication is probably the most important thing of all, when it comes to easing the minds and souls of your loved ones. Even if it’s just a minute or two a day, just knowing that you care enough to take time makes a worrisome partner feel better for a while.

Keys to communication when you are on the road:

  • Make calls, instead of only texting
  • Use Skype and Facetime as much as possible
  • Communicate on a regular basis and when you have good energy
  • Take as much home time as possible
  • Consider taking longer periods of home time to reduce adjustment periods

Read the full article about improving communications while on the road at Team Run Smart.


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