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Truck Driver and Biologist Team-Up, Save Owl’s Life


Biologist David Sausville, of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, received an interesting call in the early morning hours of Thursday, Dec. 20. A truck driver called to report that an owl was lodged in his truck’s grill, and he didn’t think the owl was able to escape.

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The driver said he saw the owl swoop down from a higher elevation and cross into the truck’s path. He soon realized the owl had collided with the truck, but was somehow connected to it. The driver immediately stopped the trucks and got out to examine the damage to the animal. He said the owl’s head was stuck inside the grill and its wings were flapping wildly with out-stretched talons.

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When the driver saw the owl’s razor-sharp talons, he decided to call the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

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“The driver did the right thing by not attempting to help the owl by himself,” said Sausville. “Owls can do serious damage with their talons if they get a hold of you; they don’t want to let go.”

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Sausville used large, welder’s gloves to dislodge the owl from between the teeth of the truck’s grill.

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After the bird was safely secured, Sausville placed the owl in a dog carrier for it to rest and recover. Sausville watched the bird’s condition throughout the day and noticed it quickly regaining its strength.

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Thanks to the driver’s concern for life and Sausville’s expertise, the owl was released back into the wild later that day with no injuries.

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Truck Driver Helps Save Wounded Owl
Photo Credit: David Sausville

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