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Truck Driver App: Android Voice Xtreme


AVXWho needs Siri? Android users can now download a voice controlled operating system.

For nearly a year, truck drivers have been prohibited from using  hand-held cellular device while driving, however, in today’s times, technology is how we stay in touch and conduct business.

Many drivers communicate with dispatchers and shippers through email, and it’s not always convenient or easy to pull off the road to read the information you need to know about upcoming shipments or deliveries. Android Voice Xreme works with your bluetooth headset will read your incoming emails, text messages, facebook messages and Twitter feeds to you while you’re driving.

The $19.99 app can be downloaded here.

AVX is a recently released voice assistant for Android that is particularly useful in your car or truck and is making waves due to it’s extensive list of features that turn the average smart phone into a truly useful virtual assistant. When paired with a Bluetooth headset it can perform most functions that you’d require completely hands-free.

The following just released video demonstrates some of the most used features for use in your car or truck and include calling contacts, reading and replying to text messages as well as using the hands-free mode:

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/mci0r3O5E3g”]

AVX can also read and reply to your incoming Email, Facebook feed as well as Twitter feed. While you are driving these features allow your smart phone to work for you instead of being a distraction.

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User Reviews:

“Phenomenal, simply the best. I own many different iOS and Android devices, including the newest iPhone with Siri. This application for Android is by far the most impressive and complete voice assistance solution out there and I am thoroughly impressed. Excellent work” – Mike

“Best there is I love this app it’s the best thing for truly hands free. I have tried them all being a truck driver I needed something in case I needed to communicate. I was hoping to find something. I couldn’t be happier.” – BigC

“AMAZING It boggles my mind that this program does not have a larger following” – Richard

AVX can be downloaded from Google Play by this following link.



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