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Truck Driver Apps: CoopsOpen


If you’re looking for an app that will help you plan your route and allow for weigh station stops, CoopsOpen is the app you need.  This FREE app allows you to see which weight stations are open along your route.  *The app relies on users to contribute, therefore the more app users, the more accurate the app will be.  

According to the app’s developer:

CoopsOpen is a weigh station status service that delivers real time information about whether weigh stations, a.k.a Coops, are open or closed. The app is supported by the users being prompted to tell if a weigh station was open or closed after they pass it. This information is then immediately available for all other users to use as they see fit. Overweight fines and log book violations are costly, and knowing a weigh station is open before you approach it can help make sure you avoid them.

CoopsOpen is available for iPhone and Android users.

To download the free app on your iPhone, iPod or iTouch, follow this link.

Android users can download the app here for free!

CoopsOpen Truck Driver Apps:  CoopsOpen


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