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Truck Driver Apps: HazMat Checkers


Truck drivers constantly use their mobile phones for work and play. For many, their cell phones are their link to the outside world when they need a quick answer or want to have a quick word with the home office or simply “home.”

Mobile apps are all about convenience. Saving you a bit of hassle can mean a savings of a few bucks for the average consumer. Saving a bit of hassle for a truck driver can mean savings of a lot of bucks when it comes to avoiding traffic cameras, speed traps, full parking lots or incorrect placarding. And that’s the mobile app we’re looking into today.

We found two mobile apps that can assist truck drivers in choosing the correct placarding for HAZMAT cargo. One is free, one has a free trial, then costs $10 if you want to keep it. But they’re both highly recommended from users and they can save you quite a hassle when it comes to getting the right label.


Apps for Truck Drivers DOT LookupFirst up is DOT Lookup. It’s free. DOT Lookup uses the Department of Transportation Emergency Responder’s Guidebook to provide information about a truck’s cargo based on the DOT placard displayed. Simply enter the DOT number into the app, click search, and you will see what substance that number represents!

Emergency responders and HazMat personnel will love the simple, easy-to-use search to lookup the DOT number and find the response guide page for a truck’s cargo in one single step.

Download this free mobile app from Google Play here.

HAZMAT app for truck drivers

The second one we found is called HAZMAT Hero. Hazmat Hero can tell you if your hazardous materials are restricted with one another or if they need to be separated. A simple, yet powerful tool for truck drivers, dock workers, dispatchers or anyone involved with loading or transporting hazardous goods over the road in North America.

It’s a good way to double check your compliance in a snap and avoid fines which can sometimes be thousands of dollars.

Get the paid mobile app here.  Or you can get a free trial Hazmat Hero here.

Do you have a favorite mobile app you use on the road? Let us know about it on our Facebook wall and we’ll have our truck drivers give it a test drive.


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