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Truck Driver Movies: Black Dog


Trucker Movies Black Dog 1998
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Hollywood used to have quite a romance with truck drivers back in the 70s and 80s. There were lots of TV shows and films being made that idolized the fast-talking, down home knights of the highway. They were portrayed as business owners, crime fighters, vanity pet owners, bootleggers and highway angels. Unfortunately, not so many movies are made about them these days.

So when we actually see one, we try and pass it on to other truckers to see what they think.

Black Dog is a film starring tough guy heartthrob Patrick Swayze (Roadhouse, Ghost, Dirty Dancing), rock singer Meat Loaf (Fight Club) and country crooner Randy Travis (TMZ’s Celebrity Car Crashers).

Swayze plays a truck driver who has hit hard times because of a prior accident that put him in jail and stripped him of his CDL. After he gets out, he goes back to work for his old trucking company as a mechanic to make ends meet. His paycheck doesn’t cover his overdue mortgage payments, so Jack reluctantly accepts an offer from his new boss Cutler to make $10,000 “off the books” with a no-questions-asked delivery of toilets from Georgia to New Jersey.

Jack has doubts after he goes to Georgia to get his rig; Cutler’s associate Red gives Jack a driving partner and an armed duo. After the four depart, Red orders others to hijack the cargo. A lengthy chase begins — with various vehicles from motorcycles to 18-wheelers trying to get Jack off the road. After Jack learns his truck is not flush with toilets but instead is filled with a cargo of AK-47s.

This film features plenty of spectacular stunt truck driving that causes lots of commuter carnage. It’s rated PG-13.

If you wish to watch the video through Amazon Streaming On Demand, you can do so here>>>

To get started just visit the direct link at YouTube here. Black Dog is available for $2.99.

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Truck Driver Movies Black Dog
Stream “Black Dog” now for just $2.99 at YouTube.

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