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Truck Driver Movies: Moonfire (1970)


Trucker Movies 1970 MoonfireWhile the plot may be a little silly and there are some strange turns in the action, many have said that Moonfire offers one of the best representations of a truck driver’s life on the road before Hollywood glamorized it in the mid-70s.

The movie follows an honest truck driver named Robert Morgan, who gets caught up in battling a Nazi crime syndicate in Mexico. He enlists the help of some of his tough trucker friends, who help capture the Nazi boss and bring peace back to the community.

Moonfire 1970 Truck Driver Movie
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The movie was written and directed by Michael Parkhurst and also featured some country songs by Marty Robbins. The producer said the film was shot entirely on location in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Mexico for less than $300,000. Even for 1970, that was considered “low budget.”

The movie starred Richard Egan as eccentric millionaire Sam Blue, and Charles Napier as truck driver Robert Morgan. For his role, Napier decided to earn a real CDL License so he could realistically portray a working truck driver. While other Hollywood actors have done this, the practice remains extremely rare in the industry. His truck of choice in the movie is a 1970 Mack RS-712 LST.

Napier is a veteran Hollywood actor, who’s turned in many memorable roles in comedies like The Blues Brothers, to other 70s truck driver dramas such as BJ & The Bear, to serious roles in movies like Silence Of the Lambs and The Manchurian Candidate.

Well, let’s get to it, truck drivers! Enjoy the free movie Moonfire.

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