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Truck Driver Rescues Woman From House Fire


Truck Driver Saves Woman From Blazing Home J.B. Hunt driver Eric Rios had just finished finished unloading at a Kemmerer, Wyoming Home Depot when he heard shrieking.

It sounded like a real high-pitched, yelping cat, Rios told the Kemmerer Gazette. I was like ˜Who’s torturing a cat in this neighborhood?’ Then I just happened to glance over there and at the time there wasn’t any smoke or anything. Then I saw a lady pop her head out of the door. Half her face was charred.

Rios ordered someone to call 911 and yelled at the screaming lady to get out of the burning house, but she was unresponsive. He ran up the stairs of the house just as Kemmerer Police Chief Steve Dillree had arrived.

I said, ˜Oh my God! Thank God, you’re here. We need to get this lady out of the house. Her face has caught on fire,’ Rios recalled.

The two men grabbed the injured woman. Her face was charred. They carried her out of the blazing home.

Her face was totally black and her hair was singed, with pieces of it hanging off, Goggan recalled. She wouldn’t speak to anyone; then she finally spoke to me and asked me for her oxygen.

One of the victim’s neighbor recalls the scene, I looked out my window and heard them yelling for help and that woman was sitting there burnt, onlooker Veronica Besse told the Gazette. That man’s a hero.

The injured woman was taken away by life-flight.  There is no news on her condition.


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