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Truck Driver Shortage Causing Troubles For Trucking Companies


2012 Truck Driver Turnover Rates Increasing

Turnover and the Truck Driver Shortage

Truck Driver Shortage is a widespread problem in the industry. According to the ATA, driver turnover for the fourth quarter of 2011 was 88%, down one point from the third quarter, for companies that have more than $30 million in annual revenue. That is good news, but the truck driver shortage persists.

ATA Chief Economist, Bob Costello, said that driver turnover rates decline during a recession, but now that the economy is on the rise, more items will need to be shipped, which “will cause the driver market to tighten and turnover rates to rise.”

Get Ready for a Bigger Truck Driver Shortage?

Analysts predict the rate of driver turnover to increase and the truck driver shortage to grow.

From what we see from trends and analysts, we’re expecting it to get worse, said Rochelle Bartholomew, CEO of CalArk International Inc. of Mabelvale.

Bartholomew says the reason for the truck driver shortage can be attributed to an aging driving force and fewer younger people entering the field, saying the shortage will make it harder for companies to find qualified drivers.

Reasons for the truck driver shortage:

  1. Aging driver force
  2. Fewer younger drivers entering the field
  3. Fewer qualified drivers after CSA 2010

To compound matters,  in July 2013, the number of hours per week drivers are allowed to drive will decrease from 80 hours per week to 72 hours, creating a need for more drivers to account for the lost hours.

We’re go-ing to need more resources, Bartholomew said.

More drivers and more trucks to make the same loads.

Many companies are trying tactics to appeal to new drivers, such as bonuses, but says  Bernie Kremer, vice president of Dancor Transit Inc. of Van Buren., that may not help with driver retention.

Unfortunately, there’s not one thing a carrier can do that would stop turnover, said Kremer. If there was, I can promise you, ¦ people would have figured it out years ago and become a multimillionaire by selling the solution to the trucking industry.

Drivers, what do you think is the cause for high driver turnover rates and the truck driver shortage problem? What keeps you working for the same company? What can companies do to retain drivers?


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