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Truck Driver Songs: Aaron Watson “Breaker Breaker One Nine”


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Time for another Truck Driver Song! Here we look back at some of the great musical numbers in country and rock that sing the praises of the unique lifestyle of the North American truck driver. This week’s country thumper has plenty of get up ‘n go.

Aaron Watson isn’t the most famous country musician in Nashville, but he’s turned some heads on some very important people in country music during his day. Among them, Willie Nelson, Billie Joe Shaver and Jerry Reed. In fact, the track we’re featuring today was co-written by Jerry Reed.

Breaker Breaker One Nine can’t be mistaken for anything else than a truck driver song. It’s got a frantic pace to it that tries to convey how fast some truckers have to work to get their cargo to the destination on time. It features some quick starts and stops and a whole mess of intricate finger picking on guitar.

Step right this way to punch the gas on some real country go-getters.


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