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Truck Driver Songs: Dave Dudley “Truck Drivin’ Son of a Gun”


Songs for Truck Drivers Dudley
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Ask any old school truck driver what musician made their claim to fame singing the praises of the American trucker, and you’ll always hear mention of Dave Dudley. In all, Dudley charted 33 certified Top 40 Country music hits before his death in 2003.

This video is a performance on live television of one of his smash hits of the 60s, “Truck Drivin’ Son of a Gun.” It’s the best version we could find on YouTube, since you get to watch Dudley mug and flirt his way through his country standard with the audience. Unfortunately, the video also comes with a minute of banter with the television host. Once that’s over however, you get a good look at Dudley’s traveling band and their classic country instruments, and of course you get to hear Dudley’s butter smooth baritone croon.

In the 1980s, Dudley continued to record sporadically, but he continued to remain a popular attraction in concert. He recorded 70 albums in all, but rarely on CD. Dudley’s vintage country records remain rare to collectors and continue to earn large sums of money in auctions.

Dudley was also one of the few musicians who sang about truckers, but also joined the ranks of truck drivers. During the 1980s, he was elected to the ‘Nashville Teamsters Truck Drivers Union’, receiving a solid gold membership card from the union.

Anyway, this slice of pure American country is sure to please any proud truck driver who loves some of that old twang and grind. Enjoy!

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/2Owzn90Exn0″ playlist=”Dave Dudley Music” title=”Truck%20Driver%20Songs%20Dave%20Dudley” width=”450″ height=”225″]


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