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Truck Driver Who Saved Woman Honored Again


Truck Driver Honored Again For Heroism [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he 2012 Goodyear Highway Hero of the Year Mike Schiotis, who saved a pregnant woman from her homicidal boyfriend, has received a second award for his actions.

Driving along Interstate 380, just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania, truck driver, Mike Schiotissaw a chilling scene“ a man pursing a woman with a gun.

Schiotis sprang into action.  Schiotis told The Tennessean, She was shrieking and in fear for her life. I said a quick prayer: ˜God, if you are going to take me, I’m ready, but I’ve got to help out’

He then jumped out of his cab to find the man beating the woman just outside his door. I could hear the sound of the gun hitting her head.

The woman began beating on Schiotis˜ door screamin, Help me! He’s going to kill me.

Schiotis saw that the woman was bleeding from her head, so he positioned himself between her and the armed attacker so she was able to climb into his rig. The attacker backed off for a few seconds, and Schiotis was able to get into his driver’s seat and leave. But the attacker started his vehicle and continued to pursue them down the road!

[pullquote align=”right”]She was shrieking and in fear for her life. I said a quick prayer: ˜God, if you are going to take me, I’m ready, but I’ve got to help out’[/pullquote]

The man chased him for several miles.  Schiotis decided to phone the State Highway Patrol and got on his CB to alert other drivers, in the area, about what was happening.

Answering the call, a driver from Dupre Transport pulled alongside Schiotis’ rig and blocked the other lane. Side-by-side, the two drivers weaved through lanes to block the assailant from advancing.

I just kept checking my mirrors until I could see (troopers), Schiotis said. Police were able to apprehend the assailant without incident.

According to police records, the assailant was enraged over the victim’s pregnancy and had planned to murder the woman and then kill himself.

The victim, who sustained a broken wrist, a head trauma and several lacerations,  was taken to a local hospital.

For his act of heroism, the Pennsylvania State Police honored Schiotis with the Outstanding Citizen Award.

“This award is presented to individuals and organizations that have assisted the department in proving a significant service to the Commonwealth,” said  Assistant Press Secretary for the Office of the Commissioner Diana M. Bates. “The action must have involved significant risk of serious injury or loss of life to the recipient.”


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