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Truck Driver Wins Lottery Twice


Three Times LuckyWith all the lottery madness going on, we thought we’s share a heartwarming story about a truck driver and two-time lottery winner with you.

Bill Morgan is one lucky man.  Morgan was severely injured in a truck accident.  At the hospital, he was given medication that damaged his heart.  37-year-old Morgan fell into a coma.  Doctors advised his family to turn off life support.  Miraculously, Morgan woke up and made a full recovery.

Some time later, Morgan won a scratchers jackpot.  When the local news heard of Morgan’s good fortune, the decided to feature him on the news.  They asked Morgan to reenact scratching the lottery ticket and told him to act surprised, like he had just won the lottery.

As it turns out, Morgan didn’t have to act.  While doing the reenactment, Morgan scratched another actual lottery ticket… and WON!

Watch the events unfold here.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/6R5MqxcKdV8″]



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