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Truck Idling Ban Being Considered at Busy TA


North Bend, Washington city council met to discuss a ban on truck idling.  The ban would affect the TA truck stop known as Truck Town, near Interstate 90’s exit 34.

City leaders and proponents of the ban say the ban is necessary to reduce noise and air pollution.

The ban would prohibit trucks weighing more than 10,001 pounds from idling for more than 5 minutes, unless the truck is running to defrost its windows.  Busses, city work trucks, motorhomes, farm equipment, and public safety vehicles would be exempt from the ban.

Violators of the ban could face a $150 fine for the first offense and $300 for the second.  Both the truck’s owner and the truck stop would be fined.

Tom Kemp, of North Bend, told the council he was concerned about the ordinance language that states residents have been adversely affected by idling of heavy-duty diesel trucks.

He said, That’s an unsupported assumption, because no air quality studies have been conducted.

Kemp also pointed out that truck engines and fuel have been improved in recent years and aren’t the polluters they used to be.

Just because a truck is idling doesn’t mean there’s toxic exhaust, he argued.

A representative and 3 employees  from the truck stop also spoke out against the ban, saying that if the ban is passed, truck drivers will no longer patronize the establishment, which would have an economic impact on the community and many at the truck stop could lose their jobs.  Drew Macauley, the TA field manager, also pointed out that the truck stop pays $45,000 in taxes.

Councilman Jonathan Rosen said after the meeting that he learned a lot from the 12 people who spoke and he was glad that a discussion took place. It was a great starting point, he said.



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