Vintage Truck Photos

Trucking in the 70s is one of our favorite subjects here at CDL Life. Most truckers agree that the 70s were the time when you got the squarest deal on hauling freight, the regulation wasn’t overbearing, truckers looked out for one another and the lifestyle still had some real allure and charm to it.

These days it seems like “every man for himself.” We started CDL Life to change that a little bit, step by step. But it’s no doubt a long road toward that goal.

Either way, we love looking back at the history of the trucking and transportation industry through interviews, YouTube videos or vintage pictures. Since you don’t see many photo sets of semi trucks online (as opposed to the mountains of vintage muscle car picture sets), we usually take every opportunity we can to link you up to some new sets when we come across them. So this week, we’ve got a few modern shots juxtaposed with some cheeky vintage truck photos. We think you’ll love them.

And hey! If you have a good shot of your big rig, don’t hesitate to upload them to our CDL Life Facebook page. We love featuring reader rigs to all the other truckers who visit the site.

Have a look at the great set of truck photos we have for you!

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