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VIDEO: Truck Stop Missouri Returns For 2nd Season


A Travel Channel series that revolves around life at Midway Auto Plaza returns to the small screen Thursday.

Back-to-back episodes of Truck Stop USA, known as Truck Stop Missouri last year, begin at 8 p.m.

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Unlike the inaugural season ” when at least one Columbia actor was spotted pretending to be a truck driver ” the second season might be a little more authentic. This go-round, the show captures several large events that happened at the multi-business complex west of town off Interstate 70.

“I think what you’re going to see is it looks to me like they’ve gone to more of an event-based series,” said Joe Bechtold, Midway Auto Plaza’s general manager. “These are events we’re putting on anyway.”

The season premiere will feature the Epic Mud Run, which was held on the property in September. On the day of the race, crews alerted Bechtold of a problem with the finish line, the Travel Channel describes in an episode teaser.

“With little time, and the issue threatening to shut down the race, Bechtold and the crew decide to take a fire hose to the mud banks in hopes of turning the empty water pool into a mud pit to avert disaster,” the cable channel says.

The second episode will show a bike rally where a stunt jumper is expected to jump 80 feet over a semitrailer.

Have a look at the trailer for Season 1 of “Truck Stop Missouri” from the Travel Channel.

The 13-episode season includes a number of food challenges, including eating competitions and a barbecue cook-off. Film crews at one point followed Bechtold to Doolittle, just west of Rolla, where he learned more about a successful 66-ounce burger challenge at Cookin’ from Scratch restaurant and gas station. Midway’s eatery offers a biscuit-and-gravy-eating competition.

Bechtold is hosting an invite-only watch party Thursday at the Back Door Lounge and said he’ll be a little more relaxed this time around.

“I was very nervous this time last year,” he said. “Before it came out, I was really nervous about how it would be perceived.”

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