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Trucker Saves Woman From Pitching Into River


This week has been a great example of how truck drivers truly do help others in need. First a few of our friends talked down a suicide jumper from a bridge, then this incident

A truck driver stopped to help a woman who’d run off Highway 22 near Grand Ronde and kept her Volkswagen Bug from rolling down a 100-foot embankment.

Connie L. Weygandt accidentally ran off Highway 22. She was unhurt, but her Volkswagon Bug stopped partway down the bank. When she was found, she was completely petrified and had both feet pressed desperately to her brake pedal.

I knew I was going to be in trouble if I didn’t get some help, but I didn’t realize it was quite that serious until I got out of the car, she said. I definitely had a guardian angel.

Rodney Dunn of Cloverdale, OR happened to be driving his truck past the scene when he decided to take action. Dunn hooked a steel cable to Weygandt’s car and tightened it up until a tow truck arrived. He said that the driver of another car then helped Weygandt get out of her car and make it up the slope.

I am just glad everything came out good, Dunn said. It’s a straight drop. I went back and you couldn’t have seen down into the river. You would have never seen her car down there.

The crash happened about 2:30 p.m. Friday. After a tow truck pulled the VW back onto the highway, Weygandt was able to drive home.

Nice work, trucker!

Woman Saved from Rolling by Truck Driver


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