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Truckers Giving Back


Truckers are some of the most kind, caring people but little is printed about their acts of charity. With limited time, and sometimes little resources, many truckers still manage to help those in need any way they can.

Trucker Charity is a non-proifit organization dedicated to helping truckers in need. According to its site,  “Trucker Charity started out as a group of truck drivers who were networking on the web when Wonderful Wayne came up with the idea of getting a group together to help trucking families who had fallen on hard times by providing them something for Christmas. During that 1st year it was just people putting money into a pot then dividing it up between trucking families.”

The second year, Trucker Charity partnered with OPS1, Air Tabs and Freedom Air Filters. The partnership came just in time.  Arrow Trucking Inc. closed its doors, leaving many drivers stranded across the country.  Trucker Charity sprang into action and was able to get 14 drivers home. 

Their 3rd year, Trucker Charity was able to help 15 families with their finances.  

Trucker Charity is a network of truck drivers, working full time jobs. They run the charity out of the cab’s of their trucks, making phone calls and networking.  

Monetary donations to the charity go to purchase bus tickets, food and hotel rooms for stranded drivers.  If you are a driver and would like to help but cannot afford to make a financial contribution, you could donate your time by helping network or providing a ride home to a stranded driver.  Any and all donations are 100% tax deductible.

You can also help by purchasing singer Terry Wooley’s CD “Highway Fever.” Sales of the CD benefit Trucker Charity.  Wooley’s music is a mix of old country and gospel.   Wooley recorded the album exclusively for Trucker Charity.

Recently, Operation Roger joined Trucker Charity and the two now work “hand-in-paw.” Operation Roger’s mission is to help rescue pets get to their new homes via trucks.

There is no cost to volunteer drivers.  Operation Roger provides the animal with all the food and supplies necessary.  The only thing asked of the driver is his or her time.

Volunteer drivers have helped  deliver 625 pets to their new homes over the last 7 years. Operation Roger was there for the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and jumped in to help many stranded pets, yet little was publicized about their acts of generosity.

The following is an email to Operation Roger from a driver who transported Rocky.

“Rocky was such a playful gentleman. We picked him up in Denton, TX, and by the look on his face, he was not sure where he was going or why he was leaving David’s place where he had been since he had been rescued by Annaliese one day from being euthanized.

“She had been looking for a pet to be a companion to her horse who appeared to be sad after his faithful companion, a cat, who died.  The horse and cat would sleep together at night. Annaliese saw him during a visit to Texas and just knew he was the right dog for the job. While observing Rocky in the kennel, she noticed he would just sit back in the kennel while all the other dogs barked and carried on.

“I sense Annaliese is as mellow as Rocky. I had planned to deliver Rocky soon after I picked him up. That was before I got jury duty papers. Rocky went home with me while I served my duty, and spent a week with four other dogs. It was a romper room, but he was such a gentle boy. Despite his weight and strength, he played just like the other dogs.
The day for jury duty came and I did not tell Rocky or my own two dogs where I was going. I guess it is something we take for granted and believe they do not understand. I was mistaken. Rocky dug out of the fence, but did not go far as my brother-in-law saw him and put him back in. The next day I decided to tell them where I was going and it seemed to work. I guess he was so used to going where I went and thought he should be going also. After my jury duty, we went to Florida and then worked our way to Illinois. That is where I finally met Annaliese, who is a horse trainer/owner. I handed the good boy over to her and a tear came down. I knew he would have a great job tending to his new job and his new love.”

If you have ever wanted to make a real difference in the lives of companion animals but life on the road makes it impossible to find the time when you’re at home, Operation Roger is the perfect charity for you.

Operation Roger is always on the lookout for drivers and animal lovers who want to help.

Even if you are not able to transport due to your company’s no-pet policies, Operation Roger needs help with layover homes where a pet can wait for the next part of his journey, while they wait for another driver to pick up the pet.

If you love pets, chances are there is something you can do to help Operation Roger… Truckers Pet transport makes the world a better place for humans and the animals who love them, contact Operation Roger for more information.





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