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Trucking Company Owner Allegedly Exposed Himself To Employee


Employer Exposed Himself To EmployeeA Chicago-based carrier is being sued by a former employee for creating a “sexually hostile work environment.”

Karen Loring claims that Matthew O’Mara, owner of Wimsy Inc., exposed his penis to her on more than one occasion, called her a cunt and repeatedly yelled at her.

Loring began working for Wimsy in January of 1997 as a dispatcher and was later promoted to director of finance before she was terminated on April 23, 2010, allegedly for taking a sick day.

Loring is now suing O’Mara and  Wimsy Inc. for sexual harassment and retaliation.

Loring claims that on December 24, 2009, she “was walking into the garage to check on her vehicle, Mr. O’Mara came out of the dispatch office flapping an object from his pants, which appeared to be his penis dangling from his zipper. Plaintiff thought the penis was real, covered her eyes, and told him to put it away. While Mr. O’Mara was shaking the penis-like object in his hand, he told plaintiff to touch it,” Courthouse News Service reported.

Loring claims she rejected O’Mara’s advances.

According to the lawsuit, this was not the first time O’Mara exposed his penis to Loring, he had done so on two prior occasions.

Following that incident, O’Mara began calling Loring a cunt, the lawsuit claims.

“After the constant yelling, plaintiff’s anxiety became so severe she requested a sick day on April 19, 2010. Plaintiff was terminated on April 23, 2010, for allegedly requesting a sick day.”

Loring complained about the sexual harassment and name calling and claims O’Mara retaliated.

“On almost a daily basis between December 2009 and April 19, 2010, Mr. O’Mara yelled at plaintiff in such a manner that his face was bright red and the vein in his neck protruded.

In addition to the yelling, O’Mara cut Loring’s pay in half, down to less than $500 a week, the suit states.

Loring is suing for loss of income, damages for sexual harassment, retaliation, future wages and pain and suffering.



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