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Trucking Company Suing Over “Offensive” Billboard


Trucking Company Suing Over "Offensive" Billboard
Photo Credit: Stuart Tomlinson: The Oregonian

An Oregon truck repair shop is fired-up over a billboard ad displayed on their property.  The ad is for a “lavish” day spa.

It’s not about the billboard’s placement, it’s about what’s been placed on the billboard. The truck repair shop, Coast Truck Centers, has a contract with the billboard company and allowed the billboard to be placed on their property.  Coast Truck Centers says the billboard company is required to get their approval on the ads placed on the sign.

Coast Truck Centers says that Meadow Outdoor Advertising “surreptitiously” entered the property during non-business hours to put up the ad. 

Coast Truck Centers is now suing the billboard company Meadow Outdoor Advertising to have the ad removed.

According to the lawsuit, the spa’s ad and its “artistic, cursive writing… and lavender background” and its promotion of an “upscale, lavish resort” is “offensive” to the truck center’s customer base.

Meadow Outdoor Advertising could not be reached for comment.

The Oregonian spoke with the spa’s manager, Marfa Scheratski, who said she’s “astounded” by the lawsuit and says that the spa, Bonneville Hot Springs, is not upscale, that they offer affordable prices and services anyone would appreciate…yes, even truckers.

What do you think, drivers, would you choose not to take your truck to a repair shop because of a billboard that’s placed on the property?



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