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Trucking in the 70s – “CHiPs”


Being a trucker in the 70s meant something different than it does today. Back then, Hollywood was right in the middle of broadcasting trucker love, making TV shows about truckers, singing songs about them and yes, broadcasting some amazing stunt driving using semi trucks too.

Kids dreamed of driving the big rigs, joining convoys and talking jive on CB Radios. One TV show that thrilled us with corny dramedy and spectacular stunts was CHiPs, on NBC. CHiPs followed the daily crime fighting routine of two California Highway Patrol officers who rode motorcycles on the sunny SoCal speedways. They would bust up speeders, gang activity, insurance scammers, dishonest businessmen and still have time at the end of the day to boogie with the ladies.

CHiPs was lightweight, but it set the standard for TV stuntdriving, oftentimes rivaling big budget Hollywood pics with massive pileups, explosions and chases. Stunt coordinator Paul Nuckles thrilled action fans of all ages through all six seasons of CHiPs. We thought we would post up some short videos of some of Paul’s work with semi trucks. Don’t forget to turn up the sound so you can get a dose of that funky 70s disco music!



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