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Trucks Re-routed in Slidell, Louisiana


Trucks Rerouted in Slidell, Louisiana
Picture taken from Google Maps

Truck drivers passing through a busy intersection on Gause Boulevard¬†in Slidell, Louisiana will be diverted ¬†onto Interstate 10 and forced to make a u-turn down the road to get back on track. Police say they’re doing this to in an effort to ease heavy traffic congestion.

The problem, police say, is that the light has a short “green time” and trucks do not have time to pass through the light before it changes, leaving the intersection blocked by trucks.

The Greater New Orleans reports that the solution may lead to other problems stating, “But patching one leak can sometimes spring another, and that’s exactly what Gygertha Watts, who has driven trucks for nearly 30 years and resides in Slidell, believes will happen.

“Although he does think a diversion will alleviate road congestion, Watts said the westbound ramp has a sharp right turn, where trucks may topple if drivers don’t exercise extreme caution, especially when it’s wet.”

Police warn truckers that there will be a police officer stationed at the busy intersection from 3:00 to 5:00 pm each day to deter trucks from trying to avoid the detour.

CDL Life does its best to warn drivers of detours and road closures, if you know of major detours that affect drivers, share them with us, so we can pass along the information to others.


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