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UShip Announces Expansion into Commercial Freight


UShip Service Shipping Wars Freight
Shipping Wars star Jennifer Brennan.

Truck drivers who read the articles about Shipping Wars on CDL Life have some pretty specific opinions about UShip – which is touted as a kind of Ebay for hauling companies who wish to bid for jobs in online auction format. Some appreciate the system, while many other truck drivers feel the company strips honest truck drivers of a decent wage. Well, it seems as though detractors of the service won’t be happy with their new announcement.

The Commercial Carrier Journal reports that uShip announced an expansion into the commercial freight market with the soon-to-be-released uShip Pro platform during the Great American Trucking Show last Friday. Currently about 70 percent of uShip’s online auction-style freight moving service comes for the consumer side.

“Since 2004, about 30 percent of uShip’s business has come from B-to-B,” said Dean Xeros, vice president of sales for uShip. “We are now ready to take this to the next level.”

The uShip Pro platform is designed to provide carriers with full details about each load and the tools to negotiate bids for loads online. Carriers create a profile that includes their MC numbers, insurance coverage, safety rating and other necessary details. As the carrier moves loads through uShip Pro, they can increase their uShip rating and visibility to shippers, just as they do with the consumer uShip platform.

Read more about UShip and their new endeavor at The Commercial Carrier online.

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