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Utah HP Recognize Truck Tailgaters Are Growing Problem


Utah HP Recognizes Tailgating Problem The Utah State Highway Patrol said that tailgating is the number one cause of accidents in the state and accounts for nearly 10 accidents per day in Salt Lake City.  The state’s highway patrol recognizes that tailgating trucks is an increasing and dangerous problem.  Too often, cars end up rear-ending trucks and then blame the truck driver (Cough, Lindsay Lohan).

ABC4 News, out of Salt Lake, spoke with truck drivers about tailgating.

David Tucker is a truck driver.  He says that cars don’t understand how dangerous it can be to tailgate or cut-off big trucks.

They just don’t realize that we can’t stop on a dime, Tucker said. Sometimes they’ll just cut right in front of us and we won’t have time to stop. Other times they’ll follow so close that when traffic does stop people just slam into each other and cause all sorts of mess.

Many states across the country are targeting tailgaters.  Recently, Michigan and New Jersey launched campaigns specifically to combat tailgaters.

San Diego officials published a study on the cases of road rage, and they found that 52% of all road rage incidents were the result of tailgating.

Drivers, what do you think can be done to avoid tailgating and how do you respond to tailgaters? Should states do more?

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