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Video: A Heinous Case of Police Brutality? You Decide


A Heinous Case of Police Brutality? This video has been making its way around the internet this week. The video’s title proclaims “Police Break & Enter No Warrant You Have No Rights.”  There is a lot of speculation that this video is a fake.  Here are the facts, you decide.

Mark Braun’s side of the story (in his own words):

On July 16 2012 I heard screaming for help outside my door. I cracked my door to help my neighbor. She’s being beaten a foot from my door by her boyfriend an x cop. The guy is 300lbs and 7′ tall. He thru her to ground then stepped directly thru the door and me.

He forced way in my home and punched my nose. He monologued for few then left. I got off floor and locked door. Called 911 for help. They did not show I called 3 more times the cops finally showed. They refused to arrest the cop even after seeing the evidence left behind. The x cop left his dr’s card for next appointment on my floor with his name on it.

The girlfriend explained the boyfriend x cop went insane and harmed her and me physically. You can see the video my face was punched good. A single brutal officer cuffed me the victim hands behind back as soon as the cam shut off. I was punched repeatedly in stomach.

The fire rescue paramedics that showed we laughing and mocking me. When I collapsed I was thrown on the stretcher and the paramedics made cop keep cuffs on me. I was literally dying in their care. I was victimized, called 911 then was victimized again.

Beaten till my spleen hemeraged more then 1/2 of all my body’s blood into me internally. Dr’s said I was moments from death when they got me. The paramedics poked my veins with an IV over and over and over said don’t play hero in their town. the
fire rescue truck took me not to the closest hospital 1 mile away but  20-25 min away to a hospital far away. Mocking me all the way abusing me harming me.

Dr’s did say I was Almost dead when they opened me up they saw total internal destruction. This is you or a loved one in future.
You the victim who called for help and the police and fire rescue paramedics victimize you for helping a women being beaten by boyfriend.

Dont play a hero unless you willing to be treated this way. Cops hate citizens they are revenue only. Your revenue for the city only people. You have no recourse no one cares for you or your loved ones your rightsor property. Your alone and with hate coming from the dirty cops. I posted the original brutality videos and when left hospital was warned
at my home your gonna be invaded.

The next day this video shows me home invaded as warned for not removing the videos. I was with huge wound
staples up stomach. I was on porch when seeing the cars show up in force for me I was shocked. I called to make a complaint night before with maryal from rightthisminute.com she three way called with me to make complaint. Rather then help me they came to my home you can hear me talking to the guy he did not deny this. People you have no rights wake up.

Cops hate you. I’m like my wife and child scared for our lives as you like me have no recourse. Now we got crazy x cop and cops who hate me and want to harm me. I posted truth. Some one help the larger media see this so people learn their rights are gone.

I am Love Light and peace. Be well people.

The Police Department’s Side of the Story:

From what we’ve gathered from other sources and and from the video, it appears that the police were there because they were told Braun was a danger to himself.

This isn’t first go around with the police, Braun has been arrested in the past for drug use in 2010.

This is a police report from 2008:

At approximately 6:50am the Coral Springs Police received a 911 call from the victim’s wife advising her husband had been shot.

Mark David Braun, 37 of Coral Springs, was approached in the hallway of his residence by a black male in his mid 20’s with dreads. The male produced a gun and demanded money from the victim.  The victim attempted to pull out his own gun when the suspect shot the victim in the lower abdomen.

The suspect fled the scene west on NW 27 Street in a small black vehicle.

The victim was airlifted to North Broward Medical Center where he was treated and later released.

Here is the video, what do you think?



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