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Video: Armed Citizen Stops Shooting Spree


Armed Citizen Stops Shooting Spree
Photo Credit: Dead Line Live, Photo of Vic Stacy

In Early, Texas a man angry over dogs doing business in his yard, went on a shooting spree.

Charles Ronald Conner, 58, confronted his neighbors at the Peach House RV Park, David Michael House, 58, and Iris Valentina Calaci, 53, about their dogs.

House and Conner got into a heated argument.  Conner went back into his residence, got a gun and went back outside and fatally shot House.

Still in a murderous rage, Conner then turned the gun on Calaci who was trying to run away.  Conner chased her down and shot her once, then shot her again, execution style.

Conner wasn’t finished yet, he then turned his gun on the dogs, shooting and killing them both.

About that time Sgt. Steven Means of the Early Police Department  pulled into the RV park and was getting out of his car when Conner turned his gun on him. Means took shelter in his police car and returned fire on Conner but could not get a clear shot.

Another RV park resident heard the shots being fired and decided to check things out.  Vic Stacy grabbed his own gun

Photo Credit: Dead Line Live, Photo of: Charles Ronald Conner

and stepped outside.

“I had a side view of that man the whole time standing there, and I thought, I’m fixin’ to put one in him, if I can,” Stacy said.

“Stacy raised his gun, fired, and landed one hell of a shot – by his estimate “a good 165 yards” – with a pistol (we do not know the make or caliber at this time). Stacy wasn’t even sure if he could make the shot at that distance: ‘ hope this magnum bullet’ll hold up, you know, this distance. And sure enough it did and I hit him in the thigh,'”  Dead Line Live reported.

“At that point, Conner returned fire against Stacy with his AR-15. He missed his shot, luckily, but that gave dead-eye Stacy another opportunity to pull the trigger. Stacy ‘hit him again and put three more in him … The patrolman got two shots in him with that AR-15. And it seems like he’s all over with, then.'”

 Conner died at the scene.  To read more of this story, follow this link to Dead Line Live.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/Xu222ImKSa8″ width=”450″]

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/4g1n8cmwhIY” width=”450″]


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