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Video: Bungee Jumping Into a River


First Person View of a Bungee JumpOh, how we love our GoPro HD camera, and we never tire of the user-submitted videos of what they do with them! We’ve seen some amazing videos of people sticking the cameras on drag racers, on motorcycle helmets jumping around dirt tracks, and even truck dashboards.



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This particular video is a collection of people who are jumping off of the bridge at Whistler’s Ultimate Adrenaline Rush complex near Vancouver, BC in Canada.  In one of the most unique settings for bungee jumping, surrounded by basalt column cliffs and old growth forest, combined with the breathtaking peak of Black Tusk in the background, you will see why Whistler Bungee is regarded as one of the most scenic bungee jumping sites in the world.

The Extreme Sports complex allows jumpers to rent GoPro HD video cameras to document their experiences, screams, laughs and/or projectile vomiting. We have to say, we use our GoPro cameras all the time, but we’ve never considered doing something this crazy with it (yet).

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/eaICwFMHcaY” playlist=”GoPro POV Video Bungee Jump” title=”Truck%20Driver%20Extreme%20Sports%20Video” width=”450″ height=”320″]

Whistler's Adrenaline Rush Complex
A panoramic view of Whister’s Bungee Jump facilities.

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