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VIDEO: The Black Keys “Lonely Boy”


The Black Keys, a blues rock duo from Ohio were busy figuring out the concept for their first video single from their new album “El Camino,” a track titled “Lonely Boy.” They were prepared to spend thousands on shooting footage, over-dubbing and editing before submitting it to their label. By chance, a security guard named Derrick T. Tuggle went ahead and filmed himself twisting, rolling and shaking through the band’s track then submitted it to them by email. He also posted it to YouTube. All official production came to a halt as the duo knew they had a viral video hit on their hands.

Guitarist/Frontman Dan Auerbach said his reaction was immediate. “I’m not sure the label believed the video would have the impact that it did, and then it took off and there was no need to put out another video,” Auerbach said. “It already had gotten more hits than any regular video would have gotten.” He thought the home video effort was sincere, charming and just weird enough to be a hit. So they went with it and never looked back.

Have a look and study some new dance moves that you might want to unleash at the next party you attend. It’s a lot of fun, but it has the bonus of being a great pop song as well.

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