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Video: Driver’s Ed Videos About Trucks


Driver's Ed Videos About TrucksRecently, I was looking for information schools and driving schools give to teens about driving around trucks.  I wanted to see what is being taught to teens about truck safety.

Several sites mocked the videos shown in class, specifically the videos about driving around trucks.  I was really worried that the teens seemed to take nothing from the videos except for  the fact that they thought the videos are dumb.  The teens who were commenting on the articles did not mention they learned a thing from the videos.

Here are two of the videos mentioned over and over again.  Apparently, these are the same videos that are STILL being shown to many young drivers.

Drivers, do you think that if new videos were made that took the situation more seriously– not in a sing-song kind of way– that teens would take the situation more seriously?  What is the best way to teach young drivers about driving safely around trucks and others on the road?

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/9m1-FIAhcSA” width=”450″]

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/VjoPZzG_oVk” width=”450″]


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